There are some styles I get and some I don’t.  Making everything “imperial” is one of those things that makes me squirm a little bit.  There are some styles that don’t need to be imperial, the original versions are so perfect that they don’t need messing with.

If you’ve been around me enough, you’ll also know that I’m not really a fan of the “Black IPA.” First, let’s cover the name. How do you have a BLACK India PALE Ale? That’s too much of a oxymoron for my tastes.  Also, at points doesn’t a Black IPA just cross over into being a hoppy stout?

Now that you’ve heard me ramble on into my insanity a bit, you may think that I’m going to poo-poo the new Black IPA that’s getting released at the Schlafly Tap Room tomorrow.  But let me explain why I’m actually pretty excited about this one. Before I do that here’s the recipe:

6.2-6.5% ABV
50 IBUs

2 Row Pale
Midnight Wheat

Bittering – Columbus
Late Addition – Centennial
Whirlpool – Simcoe
Dry-Hopping – Simcoe, Columbus and Centennial

American Ale

The first thing that jumps out to me about this beer are the hops. Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe is one of my favorite hop combinations of all time. The citrusy, flowery, tropical fruits, with a tiny bit of grassiness all play together wonderfully.

The other thing to stand out is the use of Midnight Wheat malt. The neat thing about Midnight Wheat is that it was designed to add a dark color to a beer without imparting the bitterness, acidity, and roastiness that dark malts can often add.

So, this isn’t just a hoppy stout, it’s a true Cascadian Dark Ale (nuts to the Black IPA name.)  This is a pretty fun looking beer and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow at the Schlafly Tap Room.