And the good times keep rolling for our good friends at Schlafly.  The final label for the second iteration of their 20th Anniversary beer has been approved.

This beer was brewed up by the second generation of Schlafly employees and brewers. Here’s the brewers for this beer:

  • James “Otto” Ottolini
  • Claire Huelsmann
  • Sara Hale
  • Jack Petrovic
  • Paul Jensen
  • Kevin Nash

The official name for this beer is the Hop Toddy.  Schlafly Bottleworks Head Brewer James “Otto” Ottolini  has an awesome description:

“ Volume # 2 in the 20th Anniversary series for Schlafly Brand Beers is Schlafly Hop Toddy Ale. This beer was brewed by the brewers who started between 1992 and 1997. Using a local farm connection which grows raw unmalted wheat was one of the elements of this beer. It is a slightly stronger wheat beer with an ABV of 7% aged in bourbon barrels.

It has a light amber color mainly from the Honey Malt used in the brew, a heaping helping of locally grown wildflower honey as well as color pick up from char in the bourbon barrels. There is a citrus quality to this beer as well from both the use of lemon juice and Citra hops in both the kettle, whirlpool and dry-hopping.

The combination of honey, citrus and bourbon flavors is reminiscent of a Hot Toddy and was a theme from which we worked this variation. Quite frankly we don’t know what to expect from such a beer, but look forward to when it is ready. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our personal stamp on the discovery and wonder of the art of exploration in brewing.”

Or, in a second description from Otto:

“We don’t really know what this beer is going to taste like. But we look forward to trying it when it is ready. We hope you do as well.”

Here’s a couple looks at the labels and the lovely brewers who brewed the beer.