If you haven’t made your mind up whether you’re planning on to attend the Schlafly Repeal of Prohibition Festival which is featuring brewers from Michigan, maybe this list will finally get you to pony up the 25 bucks. The following is the tentative list and could be subject to change.repealbug127.gif

Short’s Brewing Company (Bellaire, MI)

  • Huma-Lupa-Licious – Named after the hop flower Humulus Lupulus, this best selling India pale ale style beer has enormous amounts of hops which really seems like a punch in the face. Hop flowers from the numerous strains used in this recipe render a delicious bitter taste and enticing citrus aroma. Flavors from a hearty malt bill meld with the hops to balance this ale and provide a ridiculous urge to sample more.
  • The Magician – A lustrous dark red London ale. Rich malt complexities lending notes of toasted caramel, raisins, toffee, and slight roast chocolate. Very light hop additions let the true malt characters promenade throughout the tasting enjoyment this beer offers. It’s a new member of our beer family and has gone over so well, we’re making it year round.
  • Nicie Spicie (Summer Specialty) – Northern Michigan spiced wheat ale. A 50% mixture of premium two-row malted barley and malted white wheat makes this gorgeous golden beer balanced to support bold spiciness. This ale is loaded with fresh citrus zest, coriander, and a four pepper blend. So extremely satisfying you would think it was the finest beer ever made!
  • Sustenance Black Beer (Spring Specialty) – Our dark American lager beer we brew in the spring time. Since released, this beer has gained an underground following. Black is the beer, but soft and sweet on the palate. Rich flavor stems from roasted and dark caramel grains. Sustenance is a very delightful and easy drinking lager with strong emphasis on the balanced malt profile.
  • Hangin Frank – Ale hopped like IPA and drinks like a Pale Ale – Also know and a strong pale. Unlike its un-identical twin brother, Stellar Ale, this hop monster employs more toasted grains and high alpha hops. Hops are the focus of this ale, but not to be undermined with a hearty malt base. Big hop aroma is followed by the cool refreshment of a toasted sourdough biscuit covered which is then covered with zesty citrus hop marmalade.

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company (Warren, MI)

  • Oud Bruine 11.5% ABV – Flemish style ale made with Munich malt, intensified by boiling over night then aged for 6 months on a blend of exotic yeasts and micro flora. Infused with Michigan Montmorency Cherries.
  • White Devil 8% ABV – Imperial Belgian White ale, Made with Michigan unmalted Organic wheat. Medium Bitterness.
  • DRIPA 10.5% ABV (Double Rice India Pale Ale) – Double rice IPA with a light color and strong hop character. Very floral aromatic with a dry finish.
  • Creme Brule Java Stout 8%ABV – Black rich Stout infused with caramelized brown sugar, vanilla beans, and Schuil Coffee
  • Fourth Dementia Olde Ale 12.5% ABV – Malty complex flavor and aroma of caramel and burnt marshmallow with a hoppy finish.
  • Mittelfrüh Monster 8% ABV – Malty bock dry hopped to the bejesus with German Hallertau Mittelfruh hops.

Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

  • Iron Horse India Pale Ale – an American pale ale with full hop flavor and aroma. a.b.v. 6.3%
  • Steam Engine Stout – a sweet stout with a roasted character and rich, smooth finish. a.b.v. 6.2%
  • Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale – an American style wheat mixed with blackberry juice and a touch of our Steam Engine Stout to create this dark fruity ale. a.b.v.-5.9%
  • Train Wreck – this is a full bodied amber alem brewed with maple syrup and honey to increase the alcohol levekl and give it a smooth, sweet finish. a.b.v.-8.2%
  • Cow Catcher Red Ale – a medium bodied ale, red in color with a malty finish. a.b.v.5.8%

Stay tuned as I’ll be giving some tickets away for this event soon!