royaleFor a long while now, The Royale hosted an event on Tuesday evenings where they guided you through the wonderful world of beer styles, breweries and beer history. But now there is some sad (yet happy) news. Tonight’s event, called The End of the Beginning will be the last Royale Beer Showcase for a little while :

The Royale on Tuesday nights has become a really special place. Interesting, knowledgeable, generous people drinking some ridiculously good beers. But for some of us, such sweet things must unfortunately be put on hold for now. Long story short, your Tuesday night beertenders are moving on–John’s taking a short sabbatical along the state highways of the American West, and Matt needs to stop working at so many different bars if he ever hopes to open one of his own. So while we will remain your Southside Source for Superlative Suds, the formal weekly showcase will be no more.

From now on, you get to make up your own themes! Come to the Royale on Tuesdays thinking about great lagers. Imagine a side-by-side tasting of all of our Belgian ales. Decide to finally tell Steve about that one stout you just know we should carry. And bring your own. Bring your favorite stuff, or just clear out the cellar. Get to know the other beer lovers in the room, share your stuff, and come up with your own events, parties, trips, experiments. Because we’ve built a strong community here at The Royale and in the wider Saint Louis beer world, and we want you to be more a part of it–whether you’re visiting us for the first time or you’ve already become a faithful regular.

So, cheers to you, and we’ll see you at the bar.

The Royale is one the finest pubs in St. Louis to enjoy a beer and their employees are extremely passionate and extremely knowledgeable people. If you’ve yet to visit, this is a great opportunity to not only enjoy some great beer, but to meet some of the great people who helped to put this event together.

Good luck to Matt and John in their future endeavors.