royaleJust about every Tuesday evening, The Royale hosts an event where they guide you through the wonderful world of beer styles, breweries and beer history. This week they’ll be featuring an event they call: “Noble Hops.” Here’s a quick synopsis of what will be on tap:


The list of big American hop varieties is starting to sound more like codespeak from a submarine movie every day.

But in the Old Country, hops still carry a Romantic, even a noble air, and the regions that have grown them religiously for a solid millennium still attach their names with pride to their endemic varieties.

The natal region of these hops is relatively small- the two southernmost German provinces (Tettnanger from Baden-Wurrtemburg; Hallterau, Spalt, and Hersbrucker from Bavaria) and western Czech Republic (Saaz of Bohemia). Yet the historical and global impact of these hops is present in any pilsner or pale lager of German or Czech provenance.

Our examples this week are two pilsners and a ‘Bavarian IPA’:

Samuel Adams Noble Pils (4.9%, draught)
Pinkus Organic Ur-Pils (5.2%, bottle)
Urban Chestnut Hopfen (6.2% draught)”

The Royale is one the finest pubs in St. Louis to enjoy a beer and they employee some extremely passionate and extremely knowledgeable people.  This is a great opportunity to not only enjoy some great beer, but to learn about just some of the great styles of beer and breweries we have available in St. Louis.