royaleJust about every Tuesday evening, The Royale hosts an event where they guide you through the wonderful world of beer styles, breweries and beer history. This week they’ll be featuring an event they call: “Imperial Might and Greed.” Here’s a quick synopsis of what will be on tap:

“Catherine the Great loved ’em big. (Maybe too big, according to some equestrian legends.) It was for this empress of Russia that English breweries began producing “Russian Imperial Stouts” in the late 18th century, these beers being stronger, heartier versions of stout porters which had to that point represented the apex of flavor for the taciturn British tongue.

Like the India Pale Ale, there was an ostensible scientific factor behind the recipe here: higher gravity stouts (averaging at least 9% ABV) were less likely to freeze on the Baltic route to St. Petersburg. These became superlative brews: boozy, chewy, and bitter-sweet, and have only become more intense since their American revival. Bring a spoon.

  • Founders Imperial Stout (Michigan) – 10.5%, 90 IBU (draught)
  • Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (California) – 9%, 75 IBU (nitro draught)
  • Grand Teton Persephone Pilsner (Idaho) – 8.7%, 70 IBU (draught)
  • Odell Myrcenary Double IPA (Colorado) – 9.3% (draught)

The Royale is one the finest pubs in St. Louis to enjoy a beer and they employee some extremely passionate and extremely knowledgeable people.  This is a great opportunity to not only enjoy some great beer, but to learn about just some of the great styles of beer and breweries we have available in St. Louis.