Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. This week has been insanely crazy between all of these events and things going on at work, even I’m shocked I’m still alive. And as much as I love Eric and Lauren from New Belgium, I’m secretly glad they’re heading home. I don’t know how much more I could take.

What’s that? The Schlafly Beer and Cheese tasting is tonight? I guess I can take a bit more.

Quickly put, as I’m running out of time, last night was a blast. Dave from Beer, Wine and Whiskey was there (in fact you can read his write up of the event), Steven and Brennan from Schlafly were where, Charlie from O’Fallon was there, it was like a who’s who of the St. Louis beer scene. I also got the chance to meet Dave, the owner of Bailey’s, which allowed me to gush about his beer selection. It was just a blast being able to stand around and gab about beer for hours on end.

But if the gabbing wasn’t enough, then the vintage bottles of La Folie broke out. We had a chance to try two different 2004 bottles and one 2005. Being able to try the two 2004 side by side was really impressive and it’s amazing how much different two bottles can be, even if they were bottled on the same day.

It was a great event and it was great to meet everyone from New Belgium. It’s just a blast being around people that have the same passion and love that you do and then have the fun of sharing it together. I can only hope that some of my passion comes across here at this blog and that you start feeling the passion too.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I was just having too much fun!

beer-242_1280×960.jpg beer-243_1280×960.jpg