All-three-in-one-272x3001The wind not withstanding, this past Sunday’s temperatures got me thinking about tailgating. This most-American of past times would not be complete without beer. But what is a beer drinker to do when temperatures reach 80-90 degrees?

Oh sure, there is always a cooler, but let’s be honest, they can be a bit of a hassle. They’re usually pretty bulky and then you have to deal with ice. Either bought or made yourself, ice is always pretty heavy and when you add in the weight of the beer it’s never fun dragging around a cooler to your favorite outdoor event.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person to have these gripes. A few students at SLU decided to take these issues with coolers and turn it into a business. Ben Albers reached out to me and asked me to try out and review their invention, the Case Coolie. For sake of disclosure it’s worth pointing out that Ben provided me a free unit to test out.


  • Lightweight – Weighing only 1.5lbs, this unit is easy to carry and also light enough to keep you from feeling like your arm is going to fall off.
  • Large – The Case Coolie will hold a lot of beer. You could easily fit in two cases of cans.
  • Keeps beer cold – In my tests of the unit, even in heat of the high 80s, my beer stayed cold for 5-6 hours without the need for ice.


  • Could be sturdier – While the construction of the unit feels solid, I would prefer something that kept its shape and had a little more rigidity. It’s kind of difficult to throw some random cans in this, they really need to be kept in their original packaging.
  • Velcro closure – Some kind of snap closure would have been nicer to make sure that nothing falls out while moving your beer around.

Overall this is a pretty great unit that works really well for outdoor events that usually require some sort of canned beer. Bottles will definitely work, but I’d suggest leaving them in their 12-pack or 6-pack holders. While the price of $29.99 for the unit is certainly higher than your typical cooler, the slightly higher price will quickly be offset by no longer needing to buy ice.

If you’re interested in the Case Coolie, be certain to check out their website. Also check out this nice write-up they got on NPR’s All Tech Considered blog.