Ok, ok, so I’m a little late getting this up. But can you blame me? Did you see that beer list I posted a few days ago? Anyway, I’m going to try and give you a lot of sights of this event and very little of my blathering. So keep checking in for lots of pictures of the event and a little bit of chatter.

2:20 – Remember my attempt at a Randal the Enamel Animal? Well I’ve got nothing on Schlafly’s designed by James Ottolini:


2:30 –  Here’s the food available for today’s event. You also get to enjoy the sounds of Swing Deville while you’re enjoying your brat.


2:50 – The unveiling of the new Confucius!



3:40 – Lines are still long not only to enjoy the fine offerings of Schlafly but the fantastic Indiana Breweries as well.


4:30 – It’s amazing how when the festival dwindles down the homebrew always comes out!


5:02 – The aftermath of yet another great festival.