quincy-streetThough he may be a fictional character and I may not agree with all of political ideas, Ron Swanson may be the person I admire the most. The one thing that Mr. Swanson and myself absolutely agree on is that breakfast is the best meal. Period.

Where Mr. Swanson and myself will diverge is that he would probably want to enjoy his breakfast with a glass of 16-year-old Lagavulin Single Malt whiskey, I on the other hand would prefer to enjoy it with a fine beer. If you’re like me, then Quincy Street Bistro has a special little event for you.

Next Saturday, December 14th from 9AM-11AM, Quincy Street will be holding Kegs and Eggs II. This event pairs some awesome breakfast dishes with some delicious craft beers. Chef Rick Lewis has created some special dishes that will fill your belly (right before Nightmare Before Christmas, no less) and will give you the craft beer breakfast you’ve always wanted. Here’s the menu:

Kegs and Eggs II-jpeg

If you’ve not been to Quincy Street, do not miss out on this, they’re cooking up some of the best food in St. Louis and they doubled down by making the best meal: breakfast.