Way back when, Pamela Harris used to work for 1111 Mississippi.  Who’s Pamela Harris, you ask?  Why she’s the St. Louis-area teacher who was picked to design and brew a batch of beer from New Belgium Brewing after successfully picking out the percentages of beers that went into a blended beer.

What’s the significance with 1111 you ask?  Well, that’s the sister restaurant of PW Pizza which will be holding a tasting of the last two kegs of PIPA (Pamela’s IPA) in the St. Louis area.  Next Thursday, August 18th from 6:30-7:30PM, PW will be hosting a tasting of PIPA along with some other new releases from New Belgium.

The cost of the event is $10, which will get you 4-5 samples of beer and your chance to play along with Pamela and try and also guess the percentages of beer in a blend of New Belgium beers.  The winner that can figure out what beers went into the blend and has the closest percentages will win tickets to the Centennial Beer Festival!

Space is limited for this event, so call 314-621-1996 to reserve your spot now.