itap.jpgI may not be very good at most thing outside of drinking beer, but I’m actually a pretty decent bowler. It’s not like I could join the PBA or anything, but I can hold my own when it comes to knocking down some pins.

So, when I saw that the International Tap House was holding an event called “Pumpkin Bowling” on Saturday, October 22nd beginning at 2PM, I was intrigued. I asked iTAP co-owner Brad Lobdell how would the process work. “Basically, we’ve set down a tarp and you roll a pumpkin to knock over the kegs we’ve set up. ”

“It’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

If knocking down kegs and possibly destroying some produce doesn’t interest you, iTAP will also be featuring a bevy of pumpkin beers for you to enjoy.  During the event all pumpkin beers will be $1 off and you can get a sampler paddle for $12. Here’s just a few of the beers they’ll be pouring:

  • Southern Tier Pumking
  • Schlafly Pumpkin
  • Ferguson Pumpkin
  • Charleville Witch’s Brew’mmm
  • Sam Adam Double Pumpkin

The guys from iTAP are trying to dig up a couple more pumpkin beers so you may see a some more hit the line up. If you’re a fan, Saturday will be all things pumpkin at iTAP.