itap.jpgFor the past few years, the Great American Beer Festival has held a Brewery/Homebrewer Pro-Am competition where a brewery works with an award winning homebrewer to produce a beer to send to the GABF competition.

Last year the O’Fallon Brewery worked with Jim Yeager from the Garage Brewers Society to select a beer to send to the Pro-Am comp. In the end, Jim Yeager’s Alright Already American Amber won silver at the GABF Pro-Am competition.

This year O’Fallon Head Brewer Brian Owens caught wind of Jim Leabig’s attempts to perfect his IPA recipe and asked Jim if they wanted to collaborate on a beer to send out to GABF.  The result of that collaboration is the Sweet Nectar IPA and you’ll have your first chance to try it this Thursday at the International Tap House Chesterfield.

Jim describes the beer as such:

Sweet Nectar IPA is a hop bomb. The recipe was designed to let the hops shine as much as possible. We utilized a hop-bursting technique where all of the bitterness is derived from late kettle hop additions to bring forth a smoother bitterness and a ridiculous amount of hop flavor and aroma. We used more hops in this batch, 3.5 lbs per barrel to be exact, than have ever been stuffed into our kettle and fermenters. Don’t let the name fool you though. This is a very dry IPA with just enough crystal malt to accent the malt character and not overpower the hops. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Along with Sweet Nectar you’ll also have the chance to try another O’Fallon Brewery collaboration, the C3. The C3 is a hybrid called an American Mild, it’s got a huge hop flavor all while having a low 3.8% ABV.

This party runs from 6:30PM – ??? this Thursday, September 2nd. Sounds like a great opportunity to try some new local collaborations.