I would have liked to get these photos up on Wednesday, but there was no way that was happening after the night we had. I didn’t end up getting home until 11:30PM and 6:00AM was awfully early yesterday morning. But I did remember to pull the photos off the camera this morning and so I thought I’d share them with everyone who couldn’t attend.





First of all, I want to thank Doug and Mike Mattingly for letting us invade their restaurant, they provided a great place for us to hang out, eat some pizza and drink some great beer. If you haven’t been out to Mattingly’s yet, get the Corsica pizza, it’s just awesome. Thanks also to Drew for providing a sampling of some of his awesome homebrew, it just gets us all the more excited when he’s finally able to get brewing some of his own beer.

And finally, thank you to everyone who showed up for this event. We’ll have one of these again soon, promise.