Finally had a chance to stop by the newest brewery in St. Louis, Six Row Brewing Company, so I thought that I’d share some of my thoughts and also some photos.  First, I really liked the feel of the place.  It’s very warm and very inviting.  It seems like agreat place to stop in a grab a pint or two before heading home or heading to an event downtown.

For only being open for two months, I thought the beers were very solid.  I enjoyed the Extra Pale Ale quite a bit, the Honey Weizen has some great banana notes,  and I thought that Porter was very good.  I’m happy to see a local St. Louis brewery offering up a porter.   Wasn’t a big fan of the Whale, but that could just be my own palate.

It also looks like these guys may be looking into doing a little bit of distribution in the future, so it will be nice to see some of their beers available around town.  This is a brewery first and foremost.  Look at the menu below and you’ll see there isn’t much in the way of food.  But I think this gives them the opportunity to concentrate solely on making beer.

I’m curious to see where these guys go and I’m looking forward to the future.