cabinfeverart.gifWhen I began taking photos of Schlafly‘s Cabin Fever festival this past Saturday, I quickly had a photo essay in mind: People that grab their beer and walk away and the people that don’t. You see, Schlafly made an amazing advancement in this year’s Cabin Fever by making use of a good portion of the Bottleworks parking lot to host this festival.

But that seemingly didn’t matter to a lot of folks. Though there was more room than ever to set up a group of people to talk while staying out of the way of people who wanted to get some beer, people continued to set up shop five feet away from the taps.

Needless to say, this was annoying. Luckily, it got better throughout the day as the firepits were set far away from the taps and people started getting cold and moving toward the warm fires.

So, three cheers to Schlafly for attempting to make a beer festival better. And thumbs down to the people who still don’t seem to care.

Anyway, here are some photos if you weren’t able to attend. If you’re wondering why I took pictures of empty parking lot, it’s to emphasize just how much additional space there was.