As we walked downstairs after the Hopslam cask at The Stable had been extinguished (in under an hour) two gentlemen at the bottom of the stairs noticed the “Hopslam Cask Party” sign and gave each other a surprised look of, “Can this really be?”  It was my unfortunate duty to inform them that it was already all gone.  They missed out on this special opportunity.  But luckily for about 60 people, they had a chance to try something very special.

What was my final verdict?  I’m certainly glad I tried it and would absolutely try it again, but I don’t know.  This may bring out the villagers with their pitchforks, but I think I prefer Hopslam draught over a cask.  While the beer had plenty of aroma, it seemed to be missing something in the cask.  I was missing that fruity effervescence of the carbonation for this one.  Maybe I just love IPAs on cask and not Double IPAs?  Not sure, must do more investigations!