Had a chance to visit the new Hill Brewing Company yesterday and thought I would share some photos with you all.  The good news is everything is progressing well and Ray is expecting to be open by December.  The bad news is that you’ll have to wait until December!

Here are some of the key points Ray laid out for me in my visit yesterday:

  • The Classic American Pilsner is currently being contract brewed by Lion Brewery in Pennsylvania and will be hitting the shelves with new packaging in the next few weeks.
  • Ray purchased not only a 15bbl brewing system, but 15 bbl fermenters and 15bbl temperature controlled serving tanks which will insure a optimal serving temperature when the beer hits your glass.
  • This new facility will allow for seating of 150 people upstairs and 150 downstairs.
  • Ray will be using the basement for bottling and kegging his beer in the near future.