For those of you that don’t pay attention to the forums, or Twitter, or local newspapers, one of the greatest battles of all time took place last Saturday. No, it wasn’t our St. Louis Cardinals beating the Colorado Rockies, it took place one block west of Busch Stadium at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium.

The Flying Saucer awards a special plate for people in their UFO Club who have drank 200 different beers on the menu. Five gentlemen were all vying for the first plate at this Flying Saucer location. But, there’s a catch. One “gentleman” was a Kansas City Royal fan. Joe Hoffmann was determined to have the first plate and use that plate as a reminder of the notorious 1985 World Series.

A group of St. Louis Cardinals fans were not going to let that happen and nominated Richard Haegele to champion our cause and drink 3 beers per day for 67 days in a row to take Joe down. It was a battle called the I-70 Saucer Showdown.

Joe and Richard weren’t alone in this battle though, three other gentlemen made it through 67 grueling days and made it to the final contest. And what a contest it was. This showdown consisted of four rounds that included Beer Knowledge Trivia, Flip Cup, Coaster Castle, and the final round where the last two standing had to name beers off of their list of 200 without repeating.

I’d love to say that we were victorious. I’d love to say that Joe lost. But the beer gods were smiling down on St. Louis, but Joe won. But, a lot of money was raised for charity and at least the Cardinals won on Saturday all while the Royals lost. Small victories my friends, small victories.