While I expressed a bit of dissatisfaction with the Great American Beer Festival, one of the things that would keep me going back to Denver during the GABF is all of the extra activities going on during the festival.  Since Colorado houses over 80 brewpubs and 18 breweries, there is always something to keep you interested during GABF week.

As Irene and I had a very early flight on Sunday morning, we took it relatively easy on Saturday night.  We decided that after eating crappy hotel food for both dinner the night before and breakfast, it was time to get the hell out.  Picking out a restaurant was pretty easy.  Earlier in the day, the 2008 GABF Awards were handed out and Wynkoop Brewing Company had won two gold medals for the B3K Schwarzbier and Wixa Weiss.  And in case you didn’t know, one of the new brewers over at Wynkoop is Charlie Berger, who previously worked for O’Fallon.  Congrats to Charlie!

After dinner, I wanted to show Irene the Falling Rock Tap Room, home to over 60+ taps and a crap-ton of bottled beer.  This was the first place that we went to when Mike Leahy and I arrived in Denver, so it seemed fitting to make it the last place as well.  Nothing quite like having Pliny the Elder on draught the moment you walk into a bar.  I don’t care if it’s not during GABF, any time you’re in Denver, please be certain to check out Falling Rock.