Unfortunately I was sick as a dog, so I wasn’t able to attend the inaugural meeting of the newest homebrewing club, the East Side Brewers.  But luckily Mike Dawson and Rob Handshy were on hand to photograph the occasion.  If you’re interested in reading the minutes for the meeting, I’ve included them after the jump.

ESB 1st Meeting 1/25/09 2pm – 4pm

Location: Bigelo’s Bistro

Meeting Called to Order 2:40pm by Greg Bridwell

– Thanks to Mark Pruitt of Bigelos’s for hosting the meeting and supplying the food and $1 drafts
– Thanks to Rob for Registration and being the secretary of the club
– Thanks to Mike for photography
– Thanks to Renee our Bar tender
– Thanks to all club members in attendance

Greg – Started the meeting with his background in brewing
We honored Dan as he celebrates his 27th year of brewing

Meetings will be quarterly (4th Sunday) Jan – April – August.
With monthly gatherings (social, brew days, demos)

Dues – Club discussed the thoughts of $20/year dues to cover insurance, website, & misc. Going to do a 50/50 at each meeting to raise money for the club.

Bi-Laws – Going to look at the STL Brews bi-laws and tailor them to the ESB club

Introduce – Patrick graphic designer for ESB swag – Logo passed around.

Feb 22nd Brew Day 1st extract and 1st all grain at Greg’s house in Edwardsville

Sponsors – Looking for sponsors to help offset the need for meeting dues.

Discount 10% at StL wine and beer

Website -classifieds, blog/forum, recipe database

Meeting turned to Floor

Special Guest Kent Supplier of Brewing ingredients all-grain & advanced brewing

Dan – has over 1500kegs for sale

Introductions – all attendees introduce them selves and their brewing experience.

Notable Quotes:
“I’m the capper, I’m tired of capping, I want to learn how to keg!”
“I’m interested in all things Beer.”
“The world would be a better place with more home brewers!”
“I’m a German kid, beers in my blood

Meeting adjourned to Social time at approx 3:50pm