Let me say, while being unemployed sucks, there are a few decent things about it.  One of them being that you can have a bit too much to drink on a Monday night and not need to get up the next morning.  So it’s safe to say I had a great time last night at the Avery Experience at iTAP.

First, let me just say that Adam Avery is an awesome guy.  About the nicest guy I’ve met in brewing.  Second, I’m going to steal directly from EricSTL6’s Twitter feed to give you some of the details Adam laid on us about upcoming Avery beers:

  • Adam Avery says the 3rd barrel-aged brew won’t be brewery release only like the Sui-Generis. We should expect 20 cases in MO.
  • Adam Avery was excited about 3rd Barrel-aged series beer. Black Tot, a Goslings Rum barrel-aged Impy Oat Stout to be bottled in late Nov.

Neat stuff.  Here are some photos from the event: