While wandering around the Great Taste of the Midwest before the festival opened, I happened upon Arcadia Brewing Company which was situated right next to the O’Fallon Brewery booth. The thing that stuck out to me is that while there were a lot of very nice brewers at the festival, the Arcadia guys seemed very enthusiastic and genuinely appreciative of me stopping by.

So it came to no surprise to me that when Arcadia’s owner/founder Tim Suprise visited The Stable for an Arcadia beer tasting, he was just as enthusiastic and nice as the people I met in Madison.  As for the tasting, we got to enjoy Cocoa Loco, Hopmouth, Cereal Killer, and Witsun.   We were also treated to bacon wrapped dates, chicken satay, mushroom caps, a potato and cabbage dish and white chocolate chip and dried cherry cookies, some of which incorporated different Arcadia beers.  It was a very good time with great conversation, great food and great beer.