I know of few brewers that are more nervous about their beer than 2nd Shift Brewery’s headbrewer Steve Crider. This isn’t because Steve is nervous about his workmanship, but he’s always wanting to be sure that what’s being served is the best possible beer that 2nd Shift would make.

So, to say he was a bit nervous about his first cask would be an understatement.  Casks are a whole new animal to 2nd Shift, so they were a bit on edge to see how this beer would turn out.  Turns out they were worried for nothing, because this beer was fantastic.  Big flowery hop aroma and flavor.  And if how quickly the cask gets drained is a sign of success, 10 gallons of beer was drank at the HandleBar in about 2 hours.

For those that couldn’t attend, here are a few photos of the event.