I have a confession to make, this the first year I’ve ever attended the Centennial Beer Festival put on by the fine folks at Moulin Events. Which was a huge mistake by me.

Too often beer festivals can be drunken and riotous affairs with people pushing and shoving just to get a samples of “whatever you’re pouring.” But this was a totally different vibe. Everyone was very laid back, they were very interested in the beer and you could even spend a minute talking to people who were pouring the beer.

If you’ve made the same mistake as me and haven’t attended in the past, don’t make this mistake again. Make sure to head out to this festival and try some very awesome beers.

A side note about the photos below, I took these at the very beginning of the afternoon session as I was working the O’Fallon booth so the photos look a bit sparse. But let me tell you, there were many, many more people that showed up (but not so many that it felt crowded.)