Being the curmudgeon that I am, there shouldn’t be any surprise that I had my doubts about the location move of the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival. I thought that traffic would be a nightmare, I thought the parking would be difficult, I thought that the venue was just fine at Forest Park.

But… change is good. As I walked into the festival I was immediately struck by the city skyline. This new venue provided few doubts that this festival was about St. Louis. One of my two complaints was about the heat. Granted festival organizers can do little to fix the weather, but this festival was normally two weeks earlier and as we all know, the weather can change quite dramatically in two weeks.

The other complaint? Stop with this style-only signage garbage. I like the people are introduced to the beers by style, I do not like that people have no idea what they tried and have no way of finding the beer after the festival is over.

If this festival is truly about getting people to try new beer, we can’t handicap new breweries by hiding the beer they’re serving. Keep the styles, include the true beer name as well.

If you weren’t able to attend, here are a few photos for you to peruse: