I know it’s taken me a while to get this up, but better late than never, right?  Well, the first annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week is behind us and I’d like to think it was a pretty good success.  It seemed like all the events I attended had a good to great turnout and people were generally excited about everything going on.

The one small quibble was something that I was a bit concerned about, I heard from one retailer was that some of the events scheduled at the same time competed for the same people.   I knew that might be an issue going in, but I’m hoping that getting more word out next year gets more people interested in attending the events and therefore we won’t have to worry about as much competition.

And yes, I did say “next year.”  I plan on making this a yearly event, and next year the event will coincide with the 2010 Microfest in Forest Park.  So, look out for that.  In the meantime here is a collage of photos compiled from the photos section of the STLCBW website.

Thanks again to everyone who helped, participated and attended these events.