One of the things that Farmhaus Restaurant is known for, outside of their award-winning cuisine, is that nice little option at the end of their menu that says “Brews for the Crew.” When you provide that tip at the end of your meal, it helps out the wonderful waitstaff at restaurants.

But what if you want to reward those fine people behind the scenes? That’s where the brew for the crew comes in, you can tip a few beers for the people preparing your food. With this neat concept in mind, Perennial Artisan Ales worked with Farmhaus to create a new collaborative beer that they’re calling Brew for the Crew.

This Munich lager was created to not only pair with Farmhaus’ ever changing menu, but to also be a light and refreshing beer that could be enjoyed at the end of a long shift.

To celebrate this newest beer, Perennial and Farmhaus are putting together a little kick-off party that will be taking place this Saturday, June 9th from 11AM to 3PM. Perennial will be shifting their normal Thursday special release to make sure the folks at Farmhaus can come out and enjoy the fun.

Not only will they be enjoying the fun, but Farmhaus will be bringing out some BBQ to feed your belly as you enjoy their beer. Just some highlights of what you’ll be able to purchase on Saturday: bacon hot dogs, Memphis-style spare ribs, tasso mac and cheese, watermelon salad and more.

Meet some of the Farmhaus crew and enjoy some brew this Saturday at Perennial.