label_BA_sumpI can’t even imagine what it takes to put on a beer release event.  Especially ones from Perennial Artisan Ales or Side Project Brewing.

First, you’re never going to make everyone happy, no matter how much planning and time and effort you put into it, there is always someone who will be disappointed in how it’s done.  Second, the stress leading up to the event ties you up into knots and also actually makes you less productive.

But fortunately, St. Louis is pretty awesome.  The community here, on the whole, has been very receptive and very nice about how these events are put together.  They understand how much time and effort these events take. More importantly, they really appreciate how the local breweries support their local fans.

With all of this being said, I think that both of these breweries have really dialed in how these events should be handled and should be applauded for their efforts.  If there are people looking to complain, they’re just looking to complain in general.

But enough of my bloviation. You’re here to find out how to get your hands on Barrel-Aged Sump. I’ll let Perennial’s Emily Wymore fill you in with the details:

The 2014 Barrel-Aged Sump Coffee Stout blends our decadent barrel-aged stout with a Colombian coffee selected and roasted especially for us by Scott Carey at Sump Coffee. In addition, we’ll also be releasing an extremely limited variant of BA Sump, which was blended with a Kyoto brewed Rwandan coffee. Side by side, the two versions showcase the uniqueness of single origin varietals. The Colombian bean lends a rounder flavor, with pecan, caramel, dark chocolate, and vanilla. The Rwandan bean comes through brighter, with raspberry, tobacco, and a light herbal note. 

There will be two ways to acquire BA Sump this year. 

On Wednesday, April 23rd beginning at 4:00PM, Perennial patrons will have the opportunity to sign up on a reservation list (120 reservations available) for the complete 2014 BA Sump Package. This will include one bottle of the BA Sump Kyoto variant, two bottles of BA Sump, one Sump Coffee Stout snifter and one five ounce pour of each of the beers. The package is $90 and will be available to pick up on the day of the release, Thursday, May 1st from 4:00PM-10:00PM. THURSDAY WILL BE THE ONLY DAY THAT DRAFT POURS WILL BE GUARANTEED FOR THOSE ON THE RESERVATION LIST. 

Option 2: LOTTERY
An online lottery will be open on our website beginning Thursday, April 24th at Midnight and ending Monday, April 28th at Midnight. The lottery will be for one bottle of BA Sump. (The Kyoto variant will NOT be available via the lottery system.) When the lottery becomes active, there will be a link on the homepage of our website ( You will be asked to provide your name and email address. Multiple entries will be discarded. One entry per person, please. Lottery winners will be notified Monday, April 28th. 

For both options, bottle pickup details are the same. Bottles will be available for pickup Thursday, May 1 through Saturday, May 3 during normal tasting room hours. An original, photocopied or mobile photo of a valid state ID will be required upon pickup. BA Sump Coffee Stout is $25/bottle and will need to be paid for at time of pickup. Any unclaimed bottles will go on sale in our tasting room Wednesday, May 7 at 4:00 PM. 

Those on the reservation list are still eligible to enter the lottery. 

We will have limited draft of both beers available on Thursday, May 1 and Scott Carey will be joining the Perennial staff to celebrate the release!

Any questions? Please feel free to email

And for those of you that are wondering, Barrel-Aged Abraxas will be released June 5th-7th. Look for more details about that special release in May!