Ever wanted to design your own beer?  See something you’ve created on the shelves at your local grocery store or a tap handle at your favorite watering hole?  Is the only thing holding you back that pesky little problem of not owning your own brewery?

Well, Perennial Artisan Ales is here to help.  Perennial’s Phil Wymore posted on the company blog that they’re looking for ideas for beers and that you’ll be able to assist the brewing process if they pick your recipe.

The coolest part about this is that you don’t even have to be a homebrewer to participate, you just have to have a great idea for a beer.  Right now Perennial is developing three different series of beers.  Here’s the information from their blog:

  • Farmhouse Ales: Variations on Belgian-style Saisons, French-style Biere de Gardes, or other sessionable styles that would quench one’s thirst after a hard day’s work.
  • Seasonals: Any style of beer that is seasonal (Kolsch, Christmas Ale, etc.) or any style brewed with special, seasonal ingredients (ex. raspberry Berliner Weiss). A certain time of year should make you crave this kind of beer.
  • Cellaring Beers: High alcohol styles (Imperial Stouts, Barley Wines, etc.), beers aged in spirits barrels (bourbon, brandy, etc.), wild fermented beers (Lambic, Flanders-style ales, etc.), or any style that improves with age, and is perfect to break out on a special occasion.

So, think of some clever and unusual ideas for beers and email them to brewer@perennialbeer.com.  The more unusual the idea, the more likely you are to win.  Good luck.