quincy-logoWhen it comes to things I like, it’s difficult to get me to shut up. (Interestingly enough, when it comes to things I hate, it’s also difficult to get me to shut up.) One of the things I can’t stop gushing about is Quincy Street Bistro. Chef Rick Lewis has been killing it. He takes simple, comforting dishes and really makes them into something special.

So, it was with some great excitement when I found out that Quincy Street would be doing their first beer dinner with their South City neighbor, Perennial Artisan Ales. On Tuesday, June 4th at 7PM, Perennial is pairing five of their beers with five delectable dishes from Quincy Street. Here’s the menu:


Only a limited number of seats are available for this dinner and tickets will run you $55 per person. You can make reservations by calling (314)353-1588. Don’t miss out on this pairing of awesome food and awesome beer.