SOCIETE_logo-web_biggerWhile we have the old guard in St. Louis to thank for establishing a craft beer culture, without a doubt 2011 was a watershed year for beer in our town. We saw four amazing breweries open in our town and change what people thought about beer in St. Louis.

We saw each new brewery bring something new to our local beer scene, providing us with classic styles or more esoteric offerings. While Perennial Artisan Ales has produces some examples of traditional styles, they’re definitely known for their more unique experiments.

While owners Phil and Emily Wymore have enjoyed seeing tremendous growth with their year-round creations, the heart of Perennial was always about producing those one-off, barrel-aged beers. But barrel-aged beers have a cost and that cost is availability.

There is only so much room for beer that sits in barrels for months (or even years) at a time. Which means that only so many people can get their hands on these special creations. And while the parties to release these beers are fun, there are only so many one can do without problems cropping up.

To combat any future issues all while providing a fertile ground to create these barrel-aged beers, Perennial has announced the Société du Chêne (Society of Oak) membership.

Because this membership will be a highly sought-after ticket, the 2015 memberships will be available via an online lottery beginning on Thursday, March 5th at 9:00am and will end Sunday, March 8th at 9:00am. All entries will be random, entering at 9:01am on 3/5 has the same chance as 8:57am on 3/8.

Each membership will be $240 (tax included) and will include:

  • One bottle of each of the following beers
    • Funky Wit Apricot 375ml
    • Funky Wit Raspberries & Rhubarb 375ml
    • Funky Wit Charentais Melon 375ml
    • Barry Rye 2.0 (Dark Rye Ale aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels with Blackberries) 750ml
    • La Bohème (Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale with Michigan Tart Cherries) 750ml
    • Savant Blanc (Belgian Blonde Ale aged in Chardonnay Barrels with Chardonel grapes) 750ml
    • Savant Beersel (Belgian Pale Ale aged in Red Wine Barrels with Chambourcin Grapes) 750ml
    • Pro”CATS”tination (Wine barrel-aged saison with Brett & Lacto. Brewed in collaboration with Off Color and Northdown.) 750ml
    • Hoosier Love (Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale with Persimmons. Brewed in Collaboration with The Libertine) 750ml
    • Anniversaria 2015 (Blended Solera-Aged 100% Brettanomyces Belgian Pale Ale) 750ml
  • a Société du Chêne glass
  • 10% discount on all on-premise purchases with valid membership ID (does not include bottles to go or merchandise)
  • One entry to a Members-Only party. Details to be released at a later date. (Trust us—we’ll make it a good one)
  • The ability to purchase a one-bottle allocation of Abraxas, Sump & 17.

Now, for some of the rules and regulations for this club (because people love to find loopholes!):

  • One membership per person.
  • Each of these beers will be released at some time during the membership period. Perennial will release the beers when they feel that they are ready. For this reason, a release schedule will not be shared in advance. If, for some unforeseen reason, a beer is unable to be released, partial refunds will be provided.
  • If there are excess bottles available, (depending on the number) bottles will either be offered to members for purchase, sold on or off-premise in the Perennial Tasting Room or sold on-premise at The Side Project Cellar.
  • In the event that their spirits barrel-aged beers mature during the membership period, members may also be given the ability to purchase an undetermined allocation of these beers as well.
  • Bottles must be picked up in the tasting room. Under no circumstances are they able to ship bottles.
  • Members may designate one trustee to pick up his or her bottles from the tasting room. Membership benefits do not apply to trustees.
  • 2016 Memberships will be offered first to 2015 members. Renewal is, of course, optional.

And because people love to skirt the rules of lotteries (lord knows I know this all too well) here are the lottery rules:

  • Members will be selected via lottery at The entry window will begin Thursday, March 5th at 9:00am and will end Sunday, March 8th at 9:00am. THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE TO ENTERING EARLY. ENTRIES ON THURSDAY HAVE THE SAME CHANCE OF BEING SELECTED AS ENTRIES ON SUNDAY.
  • Entrants must be 21 at time of entry.
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries, identified either by name or by email, will be discarded.
  • Entrants will be notified on Monday, March 9th.
  • Either member or his or her trustee must be available to make payment of $240 and pick up membership card and glass in the tasting room on either Thursday, March 12 or Friday, March 13 between 4:00PM and 10:00PM. Trustees must present either a photocopy or mobile photo of the member’s ID at this time.

Any questions about the club should be sent to That will be your one-stop shop for answers.