Beer-AdvocateSTL Hops decided a while back that reviews weren’t really our thing. It’s not our place to tell you if a beer is good or not, if you like it, then there really isn’t much to discuss.

But, that’s not to say that reviews aren’t important.  A good review will obviously help to sell more beer and will obviously help to get your name out there.  So when BeerAdvocate lists your beer with a 100 score, that’s kind of a big deal.

Perennial Artisan Ale‘s head brewer Cory King point out on Twitter this morning that Perennial Abraxas was given a 100 point score by the owners of BeerAdvocate:

This is obviously a huge achievement and for those of us who’ve enjoyed many pints of Abraxas something we’ve know for quite some time. But it’s great to see that the rest of the world will now know it as well.

Congrats guys and gals at Perennial.