riddles.jpgLongest title ever? I actually had to shorten it (twice). Anyway, to celebrate the release of O’Fallon Brewery’s newest (and possibly single edition) beer, the Pappy van Winkle Barrel Aged Smoked Porter, Riddle’s Penultimate will be holding a release party on April 22nd starting at 6PM. If you’re not aware of the PvW Smoked Porter, Andy Ayers of Riddle’s explains it better than I ever could:

The crew at O’Fallon Brewery had been experimenting with aging that award-winning Smoked Porter in used bourbon barrels, and they liked the results real well but the latest batch was something else again. That’s why Tony called me.The O’Fallon team didn’t realize what they had until they ran down the federal I.D. numbers on their most recently acquired whiskey barrels. By sheer good fortune, the O’Fallon Smoked Porter was resting in charred, white oak barrels that had, for the previous one score and three, been home to the only 23-year Kentucky Bourbon sold today, Pappy van Winkle’s Family Reserve, something like the Holy Grail to bourbon connoisseurs which, if you can find one of the 3,000 bottles released last year, can cost almost $400.

Pretty neat stuff, eh? Well it gets even cooler. O’Fallon only received four of these barrels which will yield about 75 cases and one half-barrel. Well Riddle’s purchased that half-barrel and will begin serving it during the release party next weekend. As soon as that barrel is gone, that’s probably the last chance you’ll have to try this very special beer.