The beautiful thing about taste is not everyone is going to agree. For instance, I can’t stand Citra. My nose and tongue just don’t enjoy that hop. Which leaves more for the rest of you. But I’m sure some of my favorite hops are someone else’s lease favorite.

Breweries play around with all kinds of different new hops to find that next hit. Oskar Blues goes one step further by producing very special batches of beer dry-hopped with four different types of hops and then use you as the guinea pigs!

They’ve created a pale ale and have dry-hopped it with Comet, HBC 472, Hop Head Farms Experimental 069, and Mandarina Bavaria.  Only one location in all of the St. Louis area was chosen to try these beers and Global Brew Tap House in Edwardsville was that lucky location.

Tomorrow at 5PM, Oskar Blues Jen Whitney will be on-hand to host this special sampling where you’ll be the judge. Jen will collect the votes which will then be submitted to the brewery to determine the overall winner.

If tasting beer makes me a lab rat, sign me up!