Being completely oblivious about wine, I was unaware of this idea put forth called “Open that Bottle Night.”  The plan is to break out a bottle of wine that you’ve been sitting on and actually drink it.  No special occasion needed, you’re simply drinking the wine to enjoy it.

This is brilliant.  I’m sure that I’m not unlike a lot of you.  I’m sure that you have a few (or more) beers that you’ve set aside for that special occasion.  Sometimes though it begins to get difficult to open to beers just because you’ve sat on them for this long, they may be better if they sit a little longer.  Or maybe the occasion just isn’t special enough.

But enough of that, it’s time to open that beer.  So, this is the plan, we’re all going to open up something from our cellars this week and post it in the comments.  Let us know what you thought about your beer.  How it’s aged, how it tastes, are you happy with the results, etc.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.