Buffalo Brewing Company has been on a bit of a roll.  First, they got their excellent Buffalo Rye IPA all the way into the St. Louis Beer Challenge Finals and now they’re debuting a new line of beers they’re calling the Open Range Series.

This is a new series of beers that will, according to new assistant brewer Jerid Saffell, “be spontaneously released throughout the year.”  They’re not going to limit their imaginations for these beers and we’ve been promised that they’ll “encompass a vast amounts of styles.”

The first one will be kicked off during the St. Louis Craft Beer Week andI’ve been told it will either be a cask version of a standard IPA or a cask version of a Imperial IPA. This looks to be a fantastic way to keep people interested in new beers at this great brewery.

I’ll be certain to provide more information about each beer as they release it.