This “non-conformist Bock ale” is now available if you look hard enough (though I hear it’s at the Bogey Hills Dierbergs and The Wine & Cheese Place.) I’ll let O’Fallon brewer Dave Johnson describe it:

It is a non-traditional bock brewed with our house Kolsch yeast and fermented cold.It’s brewed with 8 different malts and 2 hops. It’s a deep ruby red with a big malt aroma and flavor.

I had a chance to try it today (right from the bright tank) and that’s a pretty spot on description. It’s got a lovely malt character that’s well balanced with the hops. Not too sweet, with a very clean finish. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.



This is right out of the bright tank with no additional carbonation. The Front.



The Side. The Beer.