ofallon.gifEver wanted to see the O’Fallon Brewery blowed up?  Well, then you are a sick, sick person and I’d ask that you’d get some professional help, immediately.  But, for those of you that aren’t sickies and love seeing explosions, then tonight on the History Channel’s new show “Life After People” prepare to see not only the Gateway Arch crumble but what would happen to the O’Fallon Brewery if things went awry.

Recently, Marc Gottfried, the head brewer at Morgan Street Brewery worked with O’Fallon, Flight 33 Productions and The History Channel to produce a doomsday-brewery segment for the show.  According to Marc:

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with it and if you are available or can record the show, check it out. We will be leveling O’Fallon Brewery through the magic of CGI (Computer Generated Imaging). Expect to see fermentors exploding and brew kettles rupturing…. Family and friends will love it, craft brewers will think it’s funny, and mega brewers will hate me for it. Regardless, enjoy! I wrote all of the storyboards for the destruction sequences in the brewery. I did not do the computer programming. Remember, it’s science fiction – but plausible. Abita Brewing Co. recently had an actual fermentor explosion.

Sounds like a lot of fun, be sure to check it out tonight, May 12th at 9PM CDT on the History Channel.