If you’re planning on attending tonight’s STL Hops Anniversary Party, here’s a few things you need to know:

How do I reach the cellar?

As you walk into the main entrance into the Tap Room, you want to take a left into the North Bar. If you keep walking straight you’ll see a hallway. Follow that hallway all the way to the back until you come to a door on your left side. Walk down the stairs and you’re in the cellar. I’m hoping we can put up some sort of sign.

Once you make your way downstairs, Irene will be there to check off your name.


Here are your 4 choices for glassware:

  1. Plastic cups will be provided.
  2. BYOG – Bring your own glass.
  3. Buy a pint upstairs and bring it down.
  4. Purchase a Hop in the City Kellerbier glass for $5 with the proceeds going to Stray Rescue.

Next year we’ll have a more elegant solution, but as we’re getting down to the wire, these are our best options. My suggestion is to buy a pint or bring a glass. Unlike plastic, your glass is reusable.

Bringing Beer

As much as us beer lovers and homebrewers love to bring beer to share and pass around, I’m going to have to put the kibosh on bringing beer to share. We have almost 40 gallons of donated beer to go around, I think it’s best that we do our part to finish that off. I realize asking you all to drink beer is a huge request, but I think you’re all up for it. We’ll have a tasting another time.


As you know this party starts at 6:30, with snacks being provided about 7PM. I didn’t set a specific time for it to end, but I have a feeling the official party will end about 10:30-11PM. This is a working brewery and the brewers starting working early this morning. So I don’t want to overextend our welcome and want to give everyone some time to clean up. I figure after 10:30-11, we can take the party upstairs to the North Bar.


While some awesome snacks will be provided for tonight’s event, all custom designed by Executive Chef Andy White, they will be finger foods used to compliment the beer and to provide some soaking up of the alcohol. My suggestion is to grab a small bite to eat before the event, that way you’re able to sustain drinking a few extra pints tonight.

Be Safe

Please have some sort of designated driver or someone to come pick you up. I want everyone to be able to attend the next party. Everyone have fun tonight, I can’t wait for this to start!