stlhopswikiAfter months of hard work (or a couple of days) the new and improved STL Hops Store is now open for business.  It features new products, including stickers, glassware and the long requested shirts for our female readers.

One of the other new additions is new colors for some of the t-shirts.  If you’re interested in purchasing some green t-shirts before St. Patty’s Day, you need to get your order in before Wednesday, March 10th. Also, you can expect a few new products in the real near future.

I’ve tested the store and it seems to be working without a problem.  But if you’re having a problem, please email  I’ll try and figure out the problem.  We’re still using PayPal for online transactions.

Just a quick rundown on how the system works.  You order from this site, it will take you to the PayPal site to verify your information, and after you hit yellow continue button on the PayPal site, it will direct you back to the STL Hops store where you will have to hit the gray “Make Payment” button.  That’s the final step in the process.

The other new thing that you may have noticed on the right hand side of the screen is the new Donation Button.  What can I say, running STL Hops costs money and as I’m currently unemployed, it would be nice to have a little money rolling in.  Do you have to donate?  Absolutely not, I’ll still continue doing what I do regardless.

What do you get for your donation? Outside of the warm feeling that you’re helping someone out? There may be a joint STL Hops and Podcast in the near future, so you’ll help to fund that. And, I’ve thought this over and it’ll work like this:

  • If you donate at least $5, you’ll get an STL Hops Sticker.
  • If you donate at least $25, you get a pair of STL Hops Glassware and a 5 Stickers.
  • If you donate more than $60, you’ll get a T-Shirt of your choice, a pair of Glassware and 10 Stickers.

Please remember this isn’t a charitable donation, so you claim it on your taxes or anything.  Also, if you do decide to donate and want the gift, make sure your name and address is included with the donation.