ofallon.jpgDave Johnson emailed me late last night to let me in on some very exciting news, the brewers at O’Fallon Brewery have gotten the go ahead to brew a new seasonal beer. Always interested in brewing a stout, they decided that with cool weather quickly approaching they decided to go with a beer that will provide a winter warmer, a Cocoa Cream Stout. The beer will initially be a draught only product, but hopefully if there is enough enthusiasm we’ll see a bottled product in the near future.

Dave and Brian Owens put their heads together a came up with a recipe that contains Carafa and flaked barley and instead of piloting the new beer out on their homebrew system, they’re going whole hog and brewing a batch on Thursday. As Dave told me about not piloting it out, “That’s the same way we did the 5 Day and it came out OK.” Yeah, I’d say 5 Day IPA came out a bit better than “OK” as it’s now O’Fallon’s best selling beer. This sounds like a great winter beer and I can’t wait to try it.