While there are certainly some great places to get a craft beer on Washington Ave (Dubliner, Hair of the Dog, and Over/Under Bar spring immediately to mind) trying to purchase something to take back to your swanky downtown loft gets a bit more difficult.

What if you could find a place that not only would serve you a six-pack to go, but also allow you to enjoy one in a very “cozy” atmosphere. Well, brothers John, Tyler, and Adam Ottwein are looking to put a new craft beer location just off of Washington Avenue.

Called The Saint Louis Beer Revival, the Ottwein brothers are looking to create a space that will not only provide an opportunity to purchase your favorite beer to go, but also will provide a laid-back spot to drink some of your favorites at a very reasonable price.

While retail/bar spaces aren’t new in St. Louis, Saint Louis Beer Revival will actually provide a full bar as well as a separate retail facility, something that is certainly unique in downtown St. Louis. The feel of the place will also be unique as they’re planning on hearkening back to pre-Prohibition St. Louis, featuring a theme of old local breweries.

The prospective location is 1300 Washington, on the backside of the building near St. Charles and 13th street. The Ottweins hope to have a lease signed in the next few weeks. Once signed, the will begin build out along with selection of over 700 different beers in stock.

The plan is to have Saint Louis Beer Revival open by late summer. As with all new businesses, they’re always interested in possible investors, if this may be something you’d be interested in be sure to contact them at beerrevival@gmail.com.

This is fitting name for a new establishment as St. Louis has certainly seen a beer revival over the last 5 years. I can’t wait to see what the brothers have in store for us later this summer.