DM12OZ_bodylabelWhen the word came out that New Holland Brewing was coming to Missouri, thanks to MoBev, one of the first things that came into my mind was, “Sweet, now I can get some Dragon’s Milk here in St. Louis.”  But, that didn’t happen right away.  While we had a chance to try a little at the Kick Off Party, NH told us it would be a little bit until we saw the High Gravity Series here in St. Louis.

Thankfully, that day has come and starting tomorrow we should start seeing Dragon’s Milk and Night Tripper on the shelves.  But you may be asking yourself, “Bottles are all well and good, Mike.  But I’m a greedy bastard and I want it on draught too!”  Don’t worry my friends, because as I’m also a greedy bastard, I made sure to ask about draught Dragon’s Milk at the Kick Off party  (in front of 200 witnesses).  The word from MoBev is yes, we’ll be seeing it soon.

So if you’re in the mood for some crazy delicious Milk from a Dragon, head out to your favorite beer stores and hopefully you’ll see it on your shelves tomorrow.  (Call first!)