jhellmuth.jpgAs Mattingly Brewering Company gets closer and closer to brewing their own beer, Morgan Street Brewery‘s current cellarman, Drew Huerter has made the decision to step down from that position to afford himself more time at Mattingly and Schlafly. Local homebrewer James Hellmuth will be taking over for Drew at Morgan Street. James has been homebrewing for about 2 years. He’s taken the Siebel Concise course in brewing technology and plans on going back for their international diploma course as well.

So you may be asking yourself, “what does a cellarman do?” Well, why don’t we ask James: “My job is to clean all beer lines, keg beer, clean up and sanitize everything after Marc brews and any other odd jobs. As he says, I do the jobs he doesn’t want to do.” But as he told me, it’s a foot in the door and that’s what matters.