Back in June, Irene and I visited Kansas City for the Cardinals/Royals series. Besides visiting The Flying Saucer, we also had the chance to have a very special tour of Boulevard Brewery with Director of the Artisanal Division, John Bryan. (I promise, I’ll get these photos up soon.) At the end of the tour John sat us down and broke out two of Boulevard’s newest creations, Saison-Brett (lovingly nicknamed the ‘George Brett’) and the Bourbon Barrel Quad (also known as the BBQ.)

First the good news. Unlike the first round of the Smokestack Series which saw a delayed release in St. Louis, these beers will be released in St. Louis at the same time they’re released in Kansas City. The Brett will see a release on October 1st and the BBQ will see a release around November 1st. Now the bad news, as you can see in the images below, these are limited, numbered releases. In fact according to we’ll only be seeing 995 cases of Brett and 550 cases of BBQ total.

The Bourbon Barrel really helps to mellow the sweetness of the Quad and make it more enjoyable for my palate, as I’m not a fan of really sweet beers. But the vanilla and bourbon really comes through and makes for a very pleasant beer. The Saison-Brett was our clear favorite though. It had a wonderful distinctive Brett barnyard, earthy aroma and really took my favorite of the Smokestack series to the next level. Also, aren’t these bottles awesome?