fwaMmmmm Brettanomyces. It’s the little yeasty beasty that scares vinters and brewers alike.  But some brewers embrace the Brett.  In fact, the not only embrace it, the love it.  One of those brewers is New Belgium Brewery and their newest beer in the Lips of Faith series is the Fall Wild Ale.  I’ll let them describe it for you:

This chestnut hued ale has a deep tawny haze that mimics the colors of fall itself. The brew unfolds with notes of banana, clove and pink bubblegum- quintessential aroma qualities of the Trappist yeast strain used. The rich malt bill brings to mind toffee, caramel, brown sugar and bittersweet chocolate. The twist- what makes this Belgian so special? We spice our Dubbel with Schisandra berries, known as “five flavor fruit, ” because it tantalizes the taste buds with four tastes – sweet, sour, salty and bitter – plus pungency.

Then we finish the brew with our house wild yeast strain of Brettanomyces with yields farmhouse flavors and tropical fruit notes- developing further as this beer ages. Fall Wild Ale is a full-bodied brew that opens sweet & creamy but finishes warm and peppery- asking for another sip. This deceivingly refreshing ale is 8%ABV so imbibe but beware.

If you’re read to get a little Wild, I’m told it’s currently available at these locations:

  • Cicero’s
  • Dressel’s
  • Hair Of The Dog
  • Pi
  • The Red Lion