home_logo.gifOK, it’s time for Round 2. If you didn’t get change to meet Eric or Lauren Salazar from New Belgium Brewing last night at Duff’s you have your chance to meet them tonight. Eric and Lauren will be a Bailey’s Chocolate Bar tonight to talk about and drink some great beer.

I got a chance last night to try Eric’s Ale, a beautiful sour beer with just a hint of peach. If this is your first foray into sour beers, this is the perfect entry point. It’s quite refreshing without being mouth-puckeringly sour.

Not only do you get a chance to try the beer, but you also get to talk to the guy who created it. Eric and Lauren are extremely passionate about beers and it’ll rub off on you. Plus, if you’ve never been down the Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, well then you’re really missing out on one of the best beer selections in St. Louis.

As I have the Schlafly Beer and Cheese tasting tomorrow, I hope Round 2 doesn’t deliver the knock-out punch.

edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention a time.  I’ve been told they expect to be a Bailey’s between 7 and 8 tonight.