Ric Syberg from Whole Foods let’s us in on this little tidbit about an upcoming beer dinner:

The New Belgium Beer Dinner – Feb. 29 with Ric Syberg and Glen Bahr, Culinary Directors

Hey, it’s a leap year!! So leap on in to Whole Foods for the New Belgium Beer Dinner. We’ll have a New Belgium Brewery representative here on this very intimate night along with some spectacular brew and food. First we’ll start off with Blue Paddle Pilsner which will be paired with a Bibb Salad with bacon lardons and a white balsamic vinaigrette. For the second course we’ll be haveing Mothership Wit and pair it with a chicken stir-fry with French beans, brown rice, quail egg, and enoki mushrooms. For the third course we’ll open up some of the Abbey Belgian Style Ale and pair with Pan seared sirloin steak with French red lentils, bacon, crispy onion, and Brussels sprouts. For the fourth course we’ll pair their Trippel Belgian Style Ale with mussels steamed in a trippel, vanilla, thyme, and cream elixir. To finish this unbelievable night off we’ll indulge in some La Folie. Bound to be a night to remember, sign up quick because this one won’t last long.