stable.jpgI can always tell when The Stable‘s Beverage Manager Jerad Gardner is excited about a new release, he calls me.  So what’s got him so excited that he takes the time out of his busy day to give me a ring?  Here’s what to expect tonight at The Stable:

  • New Holland – Existential (Double IPA)
  • Bear Republic – Late Harvest (Marzen)
  • Bear Republic – The Grizz (10% American Brown)
  • Bear Republic – NorCal California Style Bitter
  • Bear Republic – Racer X

According to Jerad, these should all be available this evening. He didn’t know what the Northern California Ale was and there is no record of it online. So I’ll guess we’ll just wait and see! Some information about the NorCal beer from John:

RateBeer has an entry for Bear Republic NorCal California Style Bitter that is listed as a 4.6% California Bitter session ale.

Thanks John!